Villain: Ernst Stavro Blofeld formerly known as Franz Oberhauser. The son of the man that looked after the orphaned James Bond. Oberhauser goes by the name of Ernst Stavro Blofeld taken from his mother’s blood line. Envious of his father’s close attention for Bond, Franz murders his father, while faking his own death 20 years prior.

Villain: Max Denbigh referred to as “C” is the head of the newly created joint intelligence service of Britain, which consists of the recently merged MI5 and MI6. C is a big supporter of data surveillance of all citizens for their own “protection”. He wants to expand the five eyes program where Britain, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand share their data with four other governments. C wishes to wipe out the 00 organization. C is also a member of criminal organization SPECTRE

Plot: C and Blofeld are members of SPECTRE. Blofeld is the leader of SPECTRE. A secret international organized criminal group. C wants to create the “Nine Eyes” intelligence co-operation agreement between nine countries, and close down the ’00’ section in the process. However Nine Eyes cannot exist unless all countries vote for it. South Africa votes against. Blofeld then stages a terrorist attack in South Africa– this changes the South Africans minds and Nine Eyes is supposed to go ahead. Thus the 00 section of British intelligence is shut down. C feeds all the intelligence data straight to SPECTRE.

Locations: C’s intelligence data center MI5, is a iconic glass tower located on the river Thames in central London. The interior of the MI5 was fittingly shot in Norman Fosters designed London City Hall, however for the film the exterior was adapted to appear as a tower. *** What is interesting to note– finally the data/surveillance center is within the city, transparent (glass building) and the public is aware of its presence. In the past James Bond films and in reality for that matter the data/sruveillance centers are outside of the city and typically hidden.  Blofelds data center sits hidden within a crater in the Moroccan desert.

Program: MI5 data center consists of offices and a data center. Blofelds data center, consists of rooms for guests, a medical center, a small museum of an asteroid that made the crater and a helicopter pad.



This data/surveillance center is the new MI5 headquarters. An iconic glass tower in central London.


The interior was shot in London’s City Hall designed by Norman Foster.



James overlooks at MI5 from MI6 across the Thames.


Blofeld’s Lair in the Desert below


En route to Blofeld’s data center in the Morrocan desert.




Blofeld escorts James around his lair.


Blofelds shows his data center to James.


Live surveillance of MI6 as it is being shut down in London



James being tortured within Blofelds medical facility.


























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