25th Anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall

Villain: Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev and East German leader Walter Ulbricht.

Plot: 1961 the construction of the Berlin wall. In an attempt to stop the brain drain from East to West Germany. Nikita Khrushchev and Walter Ulbricht conspired to build the Berlin wall. This wall was built on the border of East and West Germany in Berlin and remained until November 9 1989.

Communism a potentially beautiful ideology- by fortifying its own citizens the wall became a symbol of Communism’s shortcoming in practice and the disenchantment with it that spread within the East German population.  Many East Germans died trying to cross into West Germany and the area on the East side of the wall was declared a no man’s land where the East German border patrol can open fire on its own citizens. The wall was eventually torn down on this day 25 years ago and free movement was allowed between East and West Germany.

Today parts of the wall remain in the city.


East German border patrol observe construction of Berlin Wall circa 1961




Wall circa 1980, west side of wall covered in graffiti. East side buffered by no man’s land.


Death strip observed from Axel Springer Building circa 1984





Light installation consisting of light balloons marking the wall 2014



Release of light balloons 2014


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